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How often do you eat fast food? Or should I rather ask… are you in favor of eating fast food or no?

Life of the people all around the world is so much busy that they do not even get time to eat food properly. This gave birth to a new sector called the fast food sector and every now and then they come up with something new and delicious to capture their market, “us”… yes, you and me!

The biggest advantage that shall be pointed out by the people favoring it is nothing but the time saved. Today people consider getting a ready-made meal is better than everything in this world. Even though the benefits and advantages of fresh food are known by all at the end of the day returning home all tired, then there is nothing great than getting a pizza or burger for our hunger. Other than spending time for cooking a meal in the kitchen, most of the people don’t have time and find it difficult to collect the ingredients needed for day to day cooking.

The Trends search result only proves to us that fast food is something that we cannot live without, especially McDonald’s! Makes me really think that many people are not so into cooking their own food.

Okay, so you have read the advantage, but what about the disadvantage? In today’s “time crunch” society, one out of every four Americans eats at a fast food place. We reward our children by taking them to eat at a fast food place so they can get their “free” toy; but did you also know that approximately in the past 30 years the percentage of obese people has doubled? We forget for some reason, that our children’s arteries can suffer the same damage as ours, we seem to think that because they are young they are immune to health issues… well you might have to reconsider that.

There are definitely healthier and cheaper ways to eat than with fast food and If we learn to eat properly, we can get the nutrients our bodies need from fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and nuts. Studies keep showing us that it is not about “dieting” it is not about a fad; it is about changing our lifestyle so we can live longer, healthier and happier lives.

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